ESTATICS ® is a Brand that creates、designs、products and manufactures its own products in and controls multiple factories in industries such as Anti-static
cleanroom and purification,Electrostatic discharge(ESD) High Pressure laminate sheets,Pipe & joints applicable system and plastic moulds.(Widely used in PVC, PS, PP, PE, EVA, NBR, SBR etc. Particularly suitablefor PVC extrusion and rubber foam and PEF-liberal model of the  second high-foaming; commonly used in the EVA-MD injection, the size of mold pressing, PE molding, PVC molding, coating, and rubber and plastic molded foam, and rubber. the molding and extrusion foaming). 
Based on ANSI.ESD20.20/IEC61340-5/EIA625/QPL-87893-QPD/MIL-PRF-87893/MIL-HDBK-263/MIL-STD-129,standards.
integrated innovation,
This kind of innovation or new combination of production factors has five kinds of situations: first, product innovation; Second, technological innovation or production technology innovation; Third, market innovation; Fourth, material innovation; Fifth, management innovation.
the company has already sucessfully
developed and manufactured a series of professional products.This company has strict
quality and operation controls in the development and production of its products from design
purchase of new material to manufacture.We seize the industrial development trend in the
development and production of new products that the market needs using methods that are
time-saving enengy-saving effiecnt and in accondance with advanced environmental
proteation sense. This comapany dedicated to the implementation of effective and practical
solution providing comprehesion pre-sale and post-sole rervies to client.

We focus on updating and iterating on traditional products to help our customer base adapt to new production support requirements

Sustainable supply chain​ - Co2- neutrality all along the line.
As a supplier of sustainable product development, we see it as our responsibility to reduce material and energy consumption in our production and thus become part of a Co2-neutral supply chain.

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